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Unveiling the Soul of the Bahamas:
Help Us Capture The Stories

The Bahamas is a vibrant tapestry woven from its people. From fishermen hauling in their nets at sunrise to farmers and artisans working with calloused hands, each Bahamian resident adds a unique thread to the national character.

$25 Donation – Official Certificate of Appreciation

$75 Donation – Beautiful, high quality Bahamian Project t-shirt – $40 value

$125 Donation – 8×10” print (from selection of images) – $90 value

$150 Donation – Bahamas Rediscovered book by Popov brothers – $100 value

$200 Donation – 13×19” print (from selection of images) – $150 value

$1000 Donation – Portrait session and 13×19” print with one of our Bahamian Project Photographers (in studio or on location) – $750 value

$2500 Donation – 2 tickets to Rolling Stones concert in Orlando Florida on June 3 – $1600 value

The Bahamian Project has been on a mission for the past twelve years to capture these stories through the power of photography.

We believe that by preserving these images for generations to come, we can foster a deeper appreciation for the Bahamian people and their culture.

But we need your help.

Your contribution will allow us to:

* Continue traveling to the Family Islands to document the lives of Bahamians beyond Nassau.

* Partner with local island communities to ensure the project represents the rich diversity of the Bahamas.

* Showcase these portraits and images through exhibitions and educational programs.

By donating today, you’ll be investing in the future of the Bahamas.

Help us create a lasting legacy that celebrates the spirit of this extraordinary nation.

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