About Us

Creative Center Bahamas is a resource & support center for photographers, videographers, visual artists and the Creative community.

This is also a great place for artists and art lovers to buy and sell art. 

Founded in April, 2019, the Creative Center was created to support Bahamian Project photographers by providing studio space (at Popopstudios in the former photography studio of Duke Wells) for portraits and photo shoots. To offset the expense we occasionally rented out the studio to select members of the Creative community.

With the launch of the 3rd Phase of the twelve year old Bahamian Project, all photography sessions are being completed on location to highlight the environment as well as the people of The Bahamas. What’s more, most sessions planned for the next two years are being accomplished in the Family Islands.

So, no more studio rentals. But we still offer services, support and resources that can be shared among photographers and visual artists to help them broaden their creative development, increase their business acumen and expand their knowledge of photographic & artistic techniques.

We provide, sponsor and facilitate services and events including productions, courses, workshops, critiques, portfolio reviews, individual training, podcasts and more.

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