The Center is looking for interns and skilled volunteers.

Interested in being an Bahamian Project Creative Center volunteer? Find out more about the fulfilling and exciting journey of an arts volunteer, and how you can play a part in the Bahamas arts scene while gaining experience with a Community Arts Organization.

Be a Creative Center Volunteer

The Creative Center and the community it supports truly values the time, talent, skills and individual contributions of volunteers. We believe that volunteers add a fresh dynamic and an extra spark of creative energy to our community – an important part of keeping the Center fresh and relevant!

Types of Volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator – Manage a group of volunteers to provide a pleasant, well-organised volunteering experience for them.

Venue Manager – Take charge of specific activities and operations within the Creative Center space.

Social Media Influencer – Put your social media skills to use by creating buzz for our events on social media platforms.

Skill-based Vounteers

Your professional skills can assist tremendously in supporting the Creative Center! Skill-based volunteers differ from regular volunteers, as they may not be directly involved during any events or activities. However, their contribution is enormous. As a skill-based volunteer, you offer specialised skills and talents to the creative community.

Event Manager
Make-up Artist

How to Become a Creative Center Volunteer

Sign up at our website:

Indicate the volunteer opportunity and role you would like to volunteer for.

You will be invited to attend a general briefing to be equipped for the role and meet fellow volunteers.

Depending on the nature of your role, you will be briefed again for specific tasks on the day of the event where you may meet other creative-minded people, photographers, artists and Creative Center Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about volunteer opportunities with the Creative Center – Bahamas?

Sign up now at and we will keep you notified of the upcoming volunteer opportunities.

How much time do I need to volunteer?

The amount of time required varies depending on the nature of the event or project.

I do not have background in the arts. Can I still volunteer?

Yes, an arts background is not a requirement for our volunteers. There is a wide range of roles that you can contribute!

Is training provided?

Volunteers will be briefed on their respective roles prior to the event, activity or project. As volunteers continue to grow in their roles, they can expect to be equipped with relevant skills and knowledge.

The Creative Center – Bahamas champions photography and the visual arts in The Bahamas. By nurturing creative excellence and supporting broad audience engagement, our diverse and distinctive programs inspire our people, connect communities and profile The Bahamas internationally. We preserve our rich, cultural traditions as we cultivate accomplished visual artists and vibrant companies and entrepreneurs for the future.

About The Creative Center – Bahamas

Founded in April, 2019, the Creative Center is located at Popopstudios in the former photography studio of Duke Wells and operates as an extension of the Bahamian Project. We offer services, support and resources that can be shared among photographers and visual artists to help reduce their individual capital requirements, while assisting in broadening their creative development, increasing their business acumen and expanding their knowledge of techniques.